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     On March 25, 1954, a question was raised as to whether a Council should be formed in Newington and with the help of the late Reverend Father George Fallon Clark, an announcement was made from the altar which drew 72 members by the end of the year.

     Upon becoming Knights of Newington in the First Degree we named our council, with the help of Father Clark, after the First Missionary Priest in Newington, Reverend Edward Shaughnessy.  Once submitted to the Supreme Order we were officially known as The Rev. Edward Shaughnessy Council 3384 Knights of Columbus.  Our date of inception was July 7th 1954.

     Nine years later on October 27th 1963 with a blessing from the late Reverend Father John O'Connor we opened our doors for the first time on North Mountain Road with nearly 400 members.  While our membership grew so did our programs to help the community.

     Forty-Three years later, (2006), the up keep and size of the building became to much to maintain that we closed our home on North Mountain Road and began to look for a new home in 2006.  After two years of having our monthly meetings else where and countless searches for an appropriate place, we have a new location and begin remodeling.

     January 2009 our doors open once again but now at 171 Pascone Place.  Blessed by Father Dennis Vincenzo, slowly we begin our events and try to get back into the swing of things.  Having many successful gatherings and meetings we welcome back our old as well as new members that have joined our ranks.  As the degrees are offered, we look forward to future Knights to join our ranks and call Council 3884 their home.  We currently house room for about 70 people which includes a section that may be closed off to accommodate private meetings or parties.  To make our home as comfortable as possible to our members we have a lounge with three TV's, as well as free WIFI for those who choose to bring in their laptops for business or leisure.

Council Contacts

Grand Knight Walter Malkauskas

Faithful Navigator John Hurst

Corp President - Lou Riccelli

Financial Secr. 
Richard Losh

Rentals - Permittee
Richard Losh 

Deputy GK
Sebastiano Bordonaro

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